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Today I will tell that how you can make pages on your blog? And more as you see below;-

1). What is the Importance Of Pages In your Blog?
2). How many pages You have to make In your Blog?

3). How You can make pages?

Create Blogger pages

    1). What is the Importance Of Pages In your Blog?

    Ans 1). If you wanted to become a successful blogger than you have to make pages in your blog. Pages Helps peoples to know your blogs policy & terms and Conditions. They also wanted to know about you. And also If you wanted to monetize your blog to earn money then you also have to make pages because google always give amd priority & approval to those blog whose blog have perfect pages.

    2). How many pages You have to make In your Blog?

    Ans 2). You can make as many pages as you want according to you but most important pages are shown below :

    •  About us
    •  Contact us
    •  Privacy Policy

    These pages are most important pages & Every blogger have to make these pages In your Blog.

    3). How You can make Pages In Your Blog?

    Ans 3). Logged In Blogger > click on 3 dots > Go to Pages Section > click on new page.

    After above steps :-

    You have to generate your About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy Pages by tool. We will give you this tool to generate all of the above Pages:

    You can't generate Disclaimer page By using this tool If you want this page then watch video to generate disclaimer (Not Important) page. 

                           Generater Tool

         How you can use tool?

    See video👇👇👇

                          See Youtube video  


    4). How you can connect your pages to to your blogger?

    Ans 4).  Step 1). Logged In Blogger >click on 3 dots>Go to Pages Section>click on view page. (Eg. About us)

    Step 2). then click on browser searching tab > Copy link (Eg. About us)

    Step 3). Access your theme layout  > click add a gadget where you want to show pages > add page name (example : About us) > add link of About us Page > Done.

    Now Repeat This process But everytime Enter Different pages amd It's links like.
    •  About us
    •  Contact us
    •  Privacy Policy
    Now All done Thanks for Reading this article.... See you again on my blog😊...

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