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Krishna Janamastmi 2020 whtasapp viral wishing script free Download | Make free whatsapp Viral wishing website in 2020

Today we discuss about an Most Profitable & most popular topic which is that how you can make Janamastmi whatsapp viral wishing script.

We can provide you this Janamastmi whtasapp wishing viral script 2020 & we can also provide shortcodes to edit this script & by using this script you can make your wishing website very easily It doesn't matter if you know coding language or not.

As You all know that If you are a blogger then you can make huge amount of profit by using Whatsapp wishing viral script & also many bloggers are earning money by using this method & you can also earn money by this method.

If you want then You can follow us and We promise that you can easily make your free whatsapp viral wishing website but today we can provide only Janamastmi whatsapp viral script 2020. 

If you want more scripts then you can follow us. We provide you latest and very best premium looking type scripts....In future.

So First of all let's Understand the feature's of Free Premium Krishna janamastmi Script 2020.

Best Janamastmi whatsapp viral wishing scrip 2020
2020 Best Janamastmi wishing script whatsapp viral script

    Features Of Janamastmi Script 2020

    1. It's Free of cost
    2. Premium look
    3. Very Easy to Edit by shortcodes
    4. Completely Responsive
    5. 3 ad paste sections
    6. Animated background
    7. It's have a countdown timer & when Janamastmi comes There will be a automatically message written "Jai Shri Krishna"

    So I think You like this script by it's feature's....comment below..☺....

    Read this...

    2020 Krishna Janamastmi whatsapp viral wishing script Free Download

    Shortcodes For Edit Krishna Janamastmi whatsapp wishing viral script

    After Download this script, we know that Everyone don't have pc/laptop so, I think Most of the peoples are making this website in their phone & we also know that they are facing many problems to open this file in thier mobile phone so, we have provided a short 40 second video for help you to open this file in your mobile phone see this video till the last to clear your doubt..

    ( Always Remind that It only works For "xml,html & txt format")

    If you have .rar file to open you have to compress it in html(we are working on it very soon we provide you how you can open rar format in your mobile phone)

    After opening above all files in your editor (notepad++for laptop/pc & quick editor apk for mobile).Now You have to edit this script.

    You can also edit everything in this script by using our provided shortcodes but ,if you don't wan't then you have to make some changes which is very important to make your wishing website to earn money.
    • Add Your ad code 
    • Ad you blogger website link in footer section of this script
    • Ad your name at footer section "Made By Your Name"
    You can Edit All the above mentioned thing in your laptop/pc by using Notepad++ & In Your Mobile phone You can use Quick editor( Highly recommended by me)

    How You can Apply Krishna Janamastmi whatsapp viral wishing script in your blogger

    • Make a new blog website
    • Click on blogger menu bar
    • See at end of menu bar then click on rivert to blogger text
    • Click on theme
    • Click & Apply Dark named Theme in your blogger
    • Now See at end of page & click on Rivert theme
    • Again click on blue color Rivert theme 
    • Now Off Nav menu by clicking on it
    • Now see below & Remove all the code
    • Paste Above downloaded script code

    Done! Success fully your Janamastmi whatsapp viral wishing website 2020 is created..

    Now You have to make your wishing scripts viral to earn high Revenue

    5 Tips to grow traffic on your website.....

    • Join 50 to 60 whatsapp groups & share your link..
    • Join Fb groups as many as possible & share your website link( don't join such groups in which peoples are also promoting their Products)
    • Send your whatsapp wishing script link to all of your Contact list
    • Share it on every social media platform which you are using
    • Now Don't ad Automatic Redirecting ad codes in your script it make anger to  visitor

    So This is for today guye's I think you like it & Please also share this with your friend's to help each other..If you have still any problem please comment below we will definitely give a reply of each comment..


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