Create and Extract Zip, Rar files with password to Protect Files

Searching for a Best way to create and Extract Zip, Rar file with password protection to protect your files by unknown person's, then you have come to a right place. But first If you don't Know what is Zip/Rar files & how to create it In pc/Mobile both without password then Please :-)

Read this article 👇

What is Zip,Rar File? Create and Extract Zip,Rar File Pc/Mobile

If you already Know that then You can follow me. I will tell you Best way to protect your Zip,Rar file with password.

Zip & Rar file
Create  zip, rar file with password 

    Important Notes to Create Zip/Rar files In Pc/Mobile Both

    Note : Please Note that Zip file cannot be created with password security in Earlier version but after coming winrar (.Rar version) It's very Easy to create Zip/Rar files Both with password security, for this You have to Download Winzip (winrar ) App for Smartphones and for Pc/Laptop, Please Download winrar software..

    Winrar App download

    Winrar Software download for Pc Both 32 bit , 64 bit

    (For Smartphone)

    Create Zip/Rar files With password Securtity In Mobile

    Methods :-
    • Open winrar app & Select files to create zip/rar folder. (See 👇👇 Img)
    • Click on above header + icon.
    • Enter file name & Select (Zip, Rar, Rar4.x) extension.
    • Now click on Set password button
    • Enter your password. (Keep you password safe)
    • Now click on Footer ok button.

    See Below Image If you have any problem to understand this.

    Create zip or Rar file with password

    Note ; You can Create Zip/Rar files Both by using Winrar App For Mobile device.

    Extract Zip & Rar files by using password in Mobile

    • Click on your Zip,Rar file
    • click on your folder
    • Again click on your folder
    • Do the above untill it will not asks you for password
    • Enter password when it asks
    Done your Zip & Rar file extracted successfully. Fore More details check below Image.

    Create Zip & Rar file with password

    (For Pc & Laptop)

    Create Zip/Rar files With password Securtity In Pc/Laptop

    Methods ;-
    • Select your file which you want to compress
    • Now click on Add to Archive
    • Opens a new window and enter file name then choose archive format
    • Click on set password button >opens a new window > enter & confirm password >then press ok button if new window.
    • Now click on ok button & wait for process.
    • Done your file is ready with password protection.
    Don't understand? See below (img 1.0)

    (Img 1.0)
    create zip & rar file in pc with password

    Extract zip, Rar file with password in PC or Lapto

    extract zip, Rar file with password in pc or in laptop

    Conclusion :

    In this Article I have shared you a best and Easy Method to Create and Extract Zip, Rar files with password to Protect Files. If don't understand anything Please comment below, we will definitely give reply of every comment.

    Also If you like this Post then Please definitely share it who need help to encrypt zip,Rar files with password.

    Thanks for Coming....

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