Download Best free url shortner script for blogger with ads

I am going to give you a best free url shortner script for blogger with ads, without any footer credit link and offcourse, without any cost but first just do one thing for me, Please share this article and Read full post. Ok, I think you share this Article?

Url shortner blogger free template

Now you are thinking that on internet there are many free url shortner script are available for blogger platform but Why to use only our provided blogger url shortner template?

No, Problem Just have a Preview of our url shortner blogger template by just clicking on below demo button.

I am fully confidence and according to me you like this Best free link shortner script for blogger. So, What are you thinking? use this template Now.

What you will get in this Article?

In this Article you can freely download Best free url shortner template with ads without any footer credit link. All the links are provided in this post.

As I am telling that you can download this blogger url shortner script without any footer credit link, but for this you have to change some thing in our provided script. Read full post for full info

Installing any script or template on blogger is not so hard, I think you all know it very well but friend installing this url shortner script is something difference. Script is not works properly, if it install wrongly. Read full post for full info to know how to correctly install this script on blogger that works properly.

I know you wanted to change it's header color, footer color, font size, font color and More's. But, It's not possible because this script is made by boostrap css codes or to edit this script you have to learn coding. In this Article we provide some shortcodes by which you can change loading timer and more just by resetting them. Read full post to get these codes.

We know that you are thinking to increase your earning by this url shortner script. But it's not so hard, In this article you can find Here Some Methods to increase your Revenue.

    Download Best free url shortner script for blogger with ads

    Downloading this url shortner template is so easy, just go to below downloading button and just click on download them to download this shortner template Now absolutely for free.

    This url shortner script is absolutely for free to use, even you can also share this script on your website or your related friend's, family without any problem.

    How to install this url shortner script on blogger?

    Friends Installing this script is not so hard just go to to blogger dashboard > Theme >Backup/Restore

    Note : If you are using any custom template then take a backup of your previous template after backup install this url shortner script (.xml file).

    or you can also install this link shortner on your blogger by this 2nd Method : 
    open(.xml file) in editor > copy code > just paste it in your blogger > theme >edit html section.

    Remember that installing this script is completed but still this script not works untill you can not post atleast one Article on blogger.

    Once you done above process your script is working properly.

    How to change footer credit link of blogger url shortner template?

    In this script we have added low security encrypted script so that every person change footer credit link of this free link shortner template.

    First change it's tittle with your blog tittle. You don't have to change footer copyright link because it automatic detect and replace old link with your blog link of your url shortner website url.

    Remove url shortner credit link

    Now see the below code box and remove thise links which I am mentioing below.

    //URL shorting main script
    var _0x2a17=,assign,location,length,#credits,#creditlink,href,attr,text,Techtricks99,ready$(document)[_0x2a17[10]](function(){function _0x14adx1(){window[_0x2a17[2]][_0x2a17[1]](_0x2a17[0])}function _0x14adx2(){if($(_0x2a17[4])[_0x2a17[3]]=== 0){_0x14adx1()}else {if($(_0x2a17[5])[_0x2a17[3]]=== 0){_0x14adx1()}else {if($(_0x2a17[5])[_0x2a17[7]](_0x2a17[6])!== _0x2a17[0]){_0x14adx1()}else {if($(_0x2a17[5])[_0x2a17[8]]()!== _0x2a17[9]){_0x14adx1()}}}}}_0x14adx2();setInterval(function(){_0x14adx2()},5000)})

     <div class='text-center small' id='credits'> 
     Copyright &amp;copy; 2019 <a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl' expr:title='data:blog.title'><data:blog.title/></a> Proudly by <a href='' id='creditlink' rel='dofollow'><font color='black'>Techtricks99</font></a>

    After this Just find both above codes in shortner script then Replace these links >  and text    Techtricks99   in script in both codes with your website link and text to Remove encrypted Redirection link.

    For more details see below image.

    How to costumize free to download url shortner script?

    Costumization of this script is very easy but according to me don't waste your time to costumize such useless things except your (website link and your tittle) and of course, if you done anything wrong in html section, then your scripts maybe dead and maybe it not works properly.

    But, still if you want to edit, then see below shortcodes to edit this script. And follow all the basic instructions which we have provided below to edit this url shortner script.

    Edit url script process bar, load timer.

     1  Short code

    percentVal += .5;code-box

    Above shortcode is used to increase or decrease loading time of process bar.

    Edit loading or countdown timer of blogger url shortner script

    To increase loading time to load slower the process bar replace " .5 "  in order to backcount like (Replace ".5" with ".4", ".3" )or as you want.


    To decrease load time of process bar to load faster replace  ".5" with ".6", ".7", ".8" or as you want.

     2  Short code

     (percentVal > 120)code-box

    Above shortcode is used to increase or decrease process bar loading lenght.

    edit blogger url shortner timer

    To decrease process bar loading lenght to load faster the process bar replace " 120 "  in order to backcount like (Replace "115" with "113", "100" )or as you want.


    To increase load time of process bar to load slower replace  "120" with "130", "145", "200" or as you want.

     3  Short code

     var countDown = 16;code-box

    You can increase or decrease go to link button timer by using above shortcode.

    increase or decrease url shortnet timer.

    Decrease your url shortner script timer to get faster orinial link just by replacing  " 16 "  with  " 15 " ,  " 14 " or as according to you.


    To increase your url shortner script timer to get slower orinial link just by replacing  " 16 "  with  " 17 " ,  " 18 " or as according to you. But, I am using 32😌.

    How url shortner script work to earn Money?

    If you have a downloading content's providing site like (template providing, movies link providing, and more) then you can short your content urls by using your own your url shortner script.

    when any user clicks on these links he redirects to your url shortner website, he see ads which increase your impressions and even he also clicks on your ads (Maybe) by which it increases your earnings.

    Even Many bloggers are Earning upto 1000+ $ Mothly by this url shortner script for blogger.

    But don't be greedy😅

    Method's to increase your earning by using url shortner script

    These are the some best methods to increase your Earning by using url shortner script.

    • Befor Providing any downloading links short it with your own shortner website.
    • Use multiple ad networks on this script to earn higher Revenue.
    • Target your topic audience.
    • Share these links on different - different social media platforms to your targeted audience.

    Note : According to my opinion don't use your adesnse ads on this script you can use alternatives of adsense by which you can show ads on your script to Earn more.
    It's not official news but it's only my own opinion not use use adsense ads on this script. As a result if your adssense got punished I am not responsible for it so that's why I am Informing you first. And by the way as your wish.


    I have shared you (Download best free url shortner script for blogger with ads). It's a best premium looking free url shortner script only for you. If you like this article? then please definitely share it, If you have any queries then let me know in comment box. Have a goog day! But don't forget to share for support.

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