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Best 5+ effective ways to make more attractive blog

5 Proven ways to make blog more attractive
By the way, we use many methods to make blog more Attractive. But by mistake or even knowing, we make some such mistakes, which if you make correct, then your blog will become more attractive.

Because of which your blog's rank in Google search will increase even it also increase and boost your traffic.

So, Today I'll tell you Best way to make your blog more attractive. Don't worry guys it's very easy methods, by which you can easily make your website more attractive.

    5 ways to make an attractive blog.

    Making any blog more attractive and professional is not so hard. You can do it very easily by just reading this article and I am 100% sure it will works for you.

    Now I am going to tell you best 5 tips to make your blog more attractive.

    TIP 1

    Use Responsive & Attractive Template.

    Always use attractive looking templates, even if your blog is hosted on any platform. An Attractive Blog always remembers to reader and he also returns to your blog when needed.

    We know that many people do not have enough money to buy any premium version template, even many people use a free hosting platform such as Blogger due to lack of money and you know that, blogger don't provides us full costumization services.

    Let me tell you that our blog Techtricks99 is hosted on Blogger, but we have used a premium version template and we are providing this templates absolutely free for you and for our readers only.

    Download link 👇👇.

    1.1) 5+ tips to select blogger template.

    • Responsive, user-friendly.
    • Fast loading.
    • Ads layout Ready
    • Seo friendly
    • Error free template (breadcrumb,schema markup).

    😑 Sorry this Template is not available Now

    TIP 2

    User-friendly design of your blog.

    A user-friendly designed blog always ranks more quickly than poorly designed blogs. This is because everyone likes to read blog that are clean and easy to use.

    And when people spend more time on well-designed blogs, Google feels that this is a very good article. Which then Google also starts to rank this Article.

    2.1) Use best matching colors to Blog website.

    Choosing Color for your website is the first very important thing. Always use 2 or 3 matching color on your website.
    (header, footer, widget, sidebar, back to top button etc.)

    best html color code providing sites.

    2.2) Use icons in Blogger template.

    Use font awesome website icons in Blogger template. If you don't make your website attractive & professional then many peoples maybe don't like your website. Using icon is not very important, it's just a suggestion for you to make your website attractive.

    Learn > How to add Icons in post nav breadcrumb in any blogger template?

    2.3) Use Stylish css box in blogpost.

    Using stylish css box in blogpost makes Article look more professional and increases user engagement.

    2.4) Use Table of contents in blog post.

    Table of contents is very usefull for your longer post or article. Using table of content is always recommended by me on your every blogpost. It will helps to user read every heading by just 1 click. By which the user will also like your blog and he will definitely visit your blog in the future.

    Learn > How to add Table of contents in blogger?

    2.5) Use accordion or FAQ widget in blog posts.

    FAQ = accordion: both are same.

    I know that many people do not know what the FAQ or Accordian widgets are. Friends Accordion and FAQ Widget are both similar to the Table of Contents widget, but they both have a small difference.

    The table of contents contains Jumping links to move from 1 heading to another heading, but the FAQ or Accordion widget does not have jump links. It only shows, what the user gets in this article? And why is he reading this article?

    Learn > How to add Accordion to Blogger.

    2.6) Use Author box at the end of your every blogpost.

    Adding author box helps to know your visitors about you. It's Increases users trust on you because you are not hiding your identity that's why they think they can found original content on your site.

    Some people come to your blog to find out the list of bloggers of different - different topics for their blog post, to know who is the owner of this blog and which articles he writes about.

    And when their list is ready, then they convey this information to their readers in the form of a post on their blog. In such a situation, they also add a link to your blog, from which you get a backlink and complete information to the reader. That is why we must put writer box in our blog.

    TIP 3

    Quality content is the key to success and of attraction.

    Always writing good and quaility content is very important. Do not write that content until it is useful to someone, even if you want to be good at that topic. 

    Always try to understand the thoughts of your readers' minds, what they want and what information they need related to the topic of your blog, which will help them to a great limit.

    Doing this will make your blog even more aggressive.

    3.1)  5 tips to write an quality content.

    1. Find your Article topic relate to your blog.
    2. Write an attractive & suitable heading for your content.
    3. Do some Research & compare your research..
    4. Now note down what's you don't find in your research which is helpful to visitors.
    5. Now write all the details in your article which you know and which you find helpful to your visitors by research.
    6. Define every little thing that you think, that it can be difficult for the user to understand.

    TIP 4

    Write your content with proper guidance.

    My means from Proper guidance is to write your post with example, images, audio, youtube videos etc.

    So, that your user understand everything very easily.

    4.1) Why we should Write  post with examples?

    Everything that you want to understand in every case, the easiest and easiest way to understand it is by example. Through the example, everything can be understood very easily, which is a little difficult to understand. So that's why we all must use examples in our blogpost.

    4.2)  Is it important to use images in blogpost?

    Always use images in your blog. Images are the main source of attraction and it also helps in getting organic traffic from Google. Therefore, always use good quality images for the blog, which are related to your blogpost.

    4.3) Reasons to use audio & youtube videos on blogpost?

    Must use YouTube videos and audio in those posts of your blog, which are a little difficult to understand. However, when you use youtube videos, it uses HTML's <iframe> tag, which is not beneficial for SEO. That is why you only use youtube videos once or twice.

    When you use anything in proper way, then definitely it will gives you better result. This will increase the trust of your reader on your blog and he will definitely come back to your blog in future.

    Tip 5

    Use Sidebar widgets wisely.

    I have seen many new bloggers that, they put a lot of widgets in the sidebar, which increases the loading speed of their blog, now they have to remove the widget in the sidebar to reduce the loading speed of the blog.

    So in this situation, the question arises that "Which widgets are the most important to use on a blog, which do not affect the loading speed of the blog."

    5.1) 4 Most Important widgets to use on blog.

    • Newsletter widget
    • Popular post widget
    • Category widget
    • Social plugin widget
    These are some the most important widgets to install on blogger.

    By using these widgets, Your blogs loading speed can be maintained. And It's also makes your website more attractive & professional.


    In this article, today I have shared Best 5+ effective ways to make more attractive blog. If you like this article and it is useful for you, do not forget to share it.

    If you have not understood any part of this article, then comment us below, we will define your query in the comment and also in this article. Thank you for your interest.


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