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Secrets to make free high quality backlinks in 2020 in seo

What is Backlinks? Hidden tricks to make backlinks.

Secret ways to make free High quality backlinks in 2020

Do you also want to know some such Secrets to make High Quality backlinks in 2020 in seo. Which will help you a lot in SEO of your website.

So today I am going to tell you about some similar things related to Backlinks.

But before that those who do not know anything about backlinks. So, You must read the FAQ below, what is Backlink (complete guide) and
how does it help your blogpost to rank fast in Google? Etc...

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    FAQ's on About 'Topic of Backlinks'

    What is backlinks (link building)?

    Backlinks are a part of off page Seo. Backlinks are also called link building. If we say in simple language, Linking your site with another site through a link (web/blog/blogpost link) is called backlinks. Backlinks can be made by us or by any other person. It's main motive is to grow your website as a brand and it also helps to get traffic from other sites on which you have shared you blog/post link.

    What are the Types of Backlinks?

    Backlinks are of two types.
    1. Dofollow Backlink
    2. Nofollow Backlink

    Are Backlinks still important in 2020?

    Yes, off course backlinks Really very helpfull to grow your business and your blog. Because backlinks gives google a positive signal to rank your site if you have made your backlinks on trusted websites or blog.

    What is a bad backlink?

    When your site or your pages is linked by anyone on Spammy sites them, it is called bad backlinks. It can harms to your website in future, if you don't remove them.

    How to remove these bad backlinks?

    Steps to remove these bad backlinks.
    1). Find your back links profile on ahref (free backlink checker by ahref).
    2). Make a list of bad backlinks.
    3). Go to webmaster disavowals link property and submit your list.
    4). Done, wait for few weeks then, check it again that bad backlinks are removed or not.

    Which Is Better for Your Website: Backlinks or Content SEO?

    Answer is Both of them are most important. Because Both of them are the type of SEO in which (on page Seo and off page Seo) comes. Both of them helps to rank your site an average of 50% + 50%.

    How many backlinks per day safe to make?

    Making More than 8 to 9+ backlinks are very helpful to grow your site as a beginner. If you are able to make more backlinks then you could do it. It will not harm your site.

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    So, I think you understand everything on about 'What is backlinks and how it is helpful to grow any site?'


    Ok So, let me tell you some secrets of Backlinks to keep in mind when you are making backlinks for your site.

    Secret of 'Why High Quality backlinks are not effective to Rank Websites'?

    # 1 Secret
    Making backlinks is not only a good Idea/work for you. It's decide your sites behaviour in google. If you make backlinks on any types of websites, then keep in mind that these websites already must have some traffic. It doesn't matter from where these sites getting traffic. It's totally depends upon you "How are you doing to get High Quality backlinks?"

    Getting visitors from one site to another site through a link(backlink) is always considered as a organic traffic.

    Gettng high quality backlinks doesn't means that you have to make backlinks on those website which have high DA PA. High Quality Backlinks states that You have to make backlinks on that sites who have original traffic and is must helpful for your site to get visitors from these sites on which you have make backlinks. But don't make backlinks on spammy sites.

    Always check spam score of every website on which you are going to make backlinks.

    I think it's all clear 'why backlinks is not helping your site to grow'?

    Now you are thinking that "How I can build strong backlinks for my own site"?

    "Follow Me" to know the secret way of making effective quality backlinks for your site.

    4 Best Methods to Make free High Quality backlinks

    • Find your Top 10 to 20 competitors related to your niche.
    • Find competitor's backlinks Profile by free ahref tool. (You can also use other tool).
    •  Make a list of backlinks which is providing Traffic to your competitor.
    • Try to make backlinks on those websites (after checking spam score).
    So, these are the some secrets to make free high quality backlinks. Thes tricks only applies on some niches which are already existed on internet. By this method you can grow fastly on google search. In this trick you don't have to find sites to create backlinks because you can get them by your competitor. It can save your time, which you can invest on updating & doing on page Seo of your site. 

    Always try to keep an eye on your competitor's website front end (on page Seo) & on backend (off Page Seo). It will definitely gives you a lot of result to rank your site in google search.


    So, friends I have tried my best to tell you some "secrets to make free high quality backlinks in 2020 in Seo" . If you like this post then definitely share it.

    And Still if you have any confusion then, please let me know in comment box.

    We will definitely try to help you, if I am able to do so. Thanks for your precious time.

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