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We know that all of you come to our blog with the intention of learning something and we also know that you must know about us and Techtricks99 in what circumstances we Started the Techtricks99 blog, 

So let us tell you about ourselves and Techtricks99 today, it really happened that one day we discovered on YouTube how to make a free blog from mobile.

We got a lot of videos on this subject, but by watching all those videos, we learned a lot, but there were many things that every blogger needs in the early days and things could only be possible in computer or laptop but those things were quite To an extent, we have done it from mobile.

Then we thought that in today's technological age all these things, a common man who wants to start blogging should know all these things.What was it then? We made Techtricks99 but everything is not right now because we need to have hosting and domain names to start blogging.

We did not have enough money to buy them, then we started our blog on Blogger and then we Thought that let's take a domain name and the domain name was so expensive that we bought a cheap domain name .XYZ which we bought in just 52rs and this is how our blogging started.

Now we get all the experience of our blogging and all Let's share the solution to the problems that we had faced while starting our blogging but right now we are also share our experiences about other things besides blogging like -)

 Earn Money By Mobile Phone, Start Your Blog By using Mobile phone, Tech Reviews, Tech news & Updates etc.

So this is how Techtricks99 was born and now only I handle the Techtricks99 blog, now I am looking for an assistant with a lot of information about all of you, which makes you all better than me.

Hopefully you can explain everything well to all of us, hope you all would have liked to know more about us. Just a request to you to visit Techtricks99.xyz from time to time to make our efforts a success so that we can learn a lot from you in future in even better ways that will always help you.

Thank you very much!

More About us :-

Owner Name :- Veerpartap

Country :- India

Writer :- 1

Contact :- Techtricks99help@gmail.com

Occupation :- Studying